The World Kashmir Awareness Forum and Kashmir Civitas tirelessly worked together to hold the World Kashmir Awareness Forum and Kashmir Civitas tirelessly worked together to hold the 1st World Kashmir Diaspora Conference on Jan 2-4th, 2020, in Istanbul, Turkey.  It engaged key Kashmiri diaspora groups and individuals in aspirations to synergize, collaborate and strengthen our efforts to confront Indian hegemony.  That includes devising a coherent action-based plan that contains several layers of resistance; academics, social media, political lobbying and highlighting the massive violations of human rights in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Collectively, our inaugural conference organized key participants into different sections/groupings from which to coordinate action. Moreover, the conference successfully reached out to several stakeholders, and attracted young Kashmiris from the ground, who represented various specializations.

Our joint initiative was an innovative approach to bring together all stakeholders, unite cross-generational actors and emphasize transparency. It was a gathering of equals, in which emphasis was placed on camaraderie, teamwork and self-less contribution. Clearly put, no one individual or group took credit. Yet, it also encouraged individual initiatives and autonomy. In other words, a unique, complex task of inviting collaboration while encouraging autonomy.


This conference aims to share the latest developments, achievements for the preceding year, and continue to reach out to several stakeholders who will represent various specializations. With the focus on Indian Occupied Kashmir – the epicentre of resistance, but including leading political figures from Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and friends throughout the world, our conference aspires to build on achievements of the past year. Ultimately, this is being done to organize, synchronize and empower – effectively steer the efforts of all stakeholders for the eventual goal of creating a united front. Which, in turn, can legitimately represent the majority sentiments/aspirations of the citizens of Indian Occupied Kashmir. This is the clearest demand of Kashmiri people all over world, who insist that all groups/individuals should coordinate together for the sole purpose of alleviating the suffering of their people and rid them of Indian military occupation.

With that aspiration, from December 18-20, 2020, in Istanbul, Turkey, the Second World Kashmir Diaspora Conference is conceptualized. For all those interested, kindly send us an email to register.