The disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir (Kashmir) remains the longest unresolved conflict on the agenda of United Nations. Also, it is the most militarized space on the planet. Even worse, this international conflict – certainly not bilateral, since it involves Kashmir, Pakistan, India and China, has the atrocious appellation of being a nuclear flashpoint. Now, the reputable NGO Genocide Watch has issued a ‘Genocide Alert’ over Indian government machinations in Kashmir. In spite of that, no matter how frightening, so little is understood about this conflict. And, its resolution is nowhere in sight. More often than not, the culture, history, identity, and, most importantly, the will of the people of Kashmir has been deliberately obfuscated by the Indian state. In fact, there is an ongoing attempt to silence their voices, imprison their bodies, curtail their agency, and, even snatch their lives – all under the ever-watchful, but disinterested eyes of the world. Attempting to conceal the tragic reality of the people on the ground – the Kashmiris. In fact, ever since the Hindutva government of Modi unilaterally abrogated Article 370, and threw the region into a communications darkness, and, now, changed the Domicile Law in the disputed territory to actualize demographic flooding – the most cunning stratagem employed by the hegemon is obfuscation. Yet, it is not working. So, as much as the delusional Hindutva state alters, incapacitates or misdirect the will of an oppressed populace and world opinion – it is to no avail. Kashmiri voices cannot be silenced any longer to India’s chagrin.